I welcome you, one and all. As I’m assuming no-one is really listening, that I’m, in essence, communing with a digital age “Secret Tree”, I will whisper all my thoughts onto this screen.

No. Not really. Just on the off-chance someone trips over this site, casually searching for a better, more productive roisincoylewriter, I’ll keep it clean. I won’t trouble you with my thoughts at this early stage in our relationship. If you feel that you’re ready, that we’re both ready for the commitment, you may delve deeper. There will be short, very short I promise, stories, promotion of my productions and casual banter.

Anyway, for the moment, let’s enjoy our first meeting. I’ve been quite stressed about it but I feel it’s gone well. I’m going to lie down now for a bit, just to gather my thoughts and think about witty and interesting topics for the next time we meet.

Thanks for listening Secret Tree, or confused passerby,